Please read the rules before doing anything
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Post#1 » 2016-11-09 18:54

1. General
  1. Do not impersonate another person. Neither admin nor user nor real people
  2. Do not spam or flood our servers or impact our server performance in any other way
  3. Do not talk about racist, discriminating, political or religious topics
  4. Stick to the law. Do not communicate or share illegal content on our services!
  5. Do not advertise anything on our servers
  6. Do not abuse bugs - report them instead and you may get rewarded
  7. Stay polite, do not curse and respect other members opinions
  8. When in doubt the admins are always right
  9. The rules may change at any time without notice
  10. Rule changes take affect 3 days after posting them, so make sure to check for changes frequently

2. TeamSpeak³
  1. Do not spam annoying or overtuned music
  2. Do not use a server clogger or other harmful tools/services on our server
  3. Do not spam user channels by creating a lot of them
  4. Follow the channel rules written in the channel description
  5. No Channel-Hopping (frequently switching Channels without the intent to stay or to talk in that channel)

3. Forum
  1. Do not use bots on our website
  2. Do not double-post (post in the same topic twice in a row)
  3. Do not necro-post (post in a topic that's not on the first page or older than 30 days) unless you have something to say about the topic
  4. Try not to post a topic that already exists - use the search function
  5. Please stay on topic. Sidenotes are ok, but don't push it too far
  6. Do not write in caps, and try not to overdo formatting in your posts
  7. Forum games may define additional rules
    1. Topic rules in forum games may never void the global rules (the ones you are reading right now)
    2. Rules reguarding spam are excluded from forum games
    3. Double-posts are ok as well, if the game requires it, or to start the game

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Rulechange 2017-03-08

Post#2 » 2017-03-08 16:22

2. TeamSpeak³
+ No Channel-Hopping (frequently switching Channels without the intent to stay or to talk in that channel)

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