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The Knarf-Bot

Post#1 » 2016-11-12 13:04

This page explains our TeamSpeak-bot Knarf.

You can at any time directly message the bot (double-click the name to open the text chat with it).
The bot will react to specific commands (single words) that are prefixed with a exclamation mark.
To see all commands message the bot with !help

Some commands may require additional arguments.
If the argument is a client name you can use !list to get the client ID. To use a client ID instead of their name your write a #no.
DosMike: !list
ᵏᶰᵃʳᶠ: Current clientIDs:
14 - dosmike
19 - ᵏᶰᵃʳᶠ
20 - some client with un-writeable name
DosMike: !kick #20

Note that client IDs change frequently, so do not assume it stays the same over your complete session.

Hint: The bot is currently in development and may see drastic changes in the furure so stay tuned
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